SETH THOMAS Mantel Antique Clock c/1913 Model PEER Mahogany -Totally Restored

Seth Thomas Alarm Series Clock. Model ” PEER” -1913 VERY CUTE BEAUTIFUL CLOCK- Mahogany Veneer,,, also for decoration You Room or Holley. Clock chimes the Hours counting them and every 1/2 hour, You also can see on picture how all clock is clean after cleaning including mechanism. Clack has nice Tick-Tack sound of work. I will including instructions! Movement is marked with ST-(SETH THOMAS), Clock measures 17 1/2″ Base x 5″ deep x 8 height. Roman Original Brass Face with Original Porcelain Face clock is in Excellent Conduction is 4 1/2 in diameter. Every piece on this clock is original. This clock is made of Mahogany Wood NOT Veneer Panels. […]

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